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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just Say Shit, Whoopie

There are days when I think that Whoopie Goldberg is one of the greatest female voices in the progressive movement. Then again, my view of who is and who isn't a progressive may be different from yours.

That being said, here's Whoopie AND Barbara Walters taking Glenn Beck to the wood shed and spanking the living tar out of him on The View.

I'm no sure what comment from Beck is better, his "I'm just a commentator" line or the fact that his defense of his lie is that he "knew this was coming". I mean, come on, the Micheal Steele defense - that all your dumb-ass moves are choreographed and have meaning? No one is stupid enough to believe that.

But let's look at this from an alternate angle. It's Beck's word against Walters and Goldberg. I would like to see what Steve Croft has to say about this. But do we really need that. Beck was VERY taken-aback that he was confronted with this. He thought that he could just say whatever he wanted and get away with it.

He was wrong.

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