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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kind Of Like "Left Behind", Only Less Clever

Seems that Sarah Palin needs a religious flare to her "memoir".

After last week’s announcement that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin would pen a memoir to set the record straight about her personal and political life, HarperCollins revealed Thursday that WORLD Magazine Features Editor Lynn Vincent has been signed on as Palin’s collaborator.

The book, not yet titled, will be co-published by HarperCollins imprint Harper and HarperCollins-owned Zondervan and is scheduled for release in the spring of 2010.

During her 10 years as a senior writer and features editor for WORLD, Vincent has covered politics, culture, and hot-button social issues such as abortion for the biweekly news magazine. She has also specialized in narrative journalism.

But what will the title of the book be?

Will it be a pop-up book with lots of pretty colors. Just imagine the page with the helicopter and the wolves.

How about a picture book. Maybe it will look like those little religious "tracts" that the fundies put under your windshield wipers at the mall and leave in your storm-door when you aren't home. You know, those cheesy Christian comics that tell you about the perils of dancing, holding hands, and listening to Barry Manilow. And you'll surely burn in Hell if you kiss on the first date or, God forbid, dance!

Whatever it turns out to be, I'm going to bet my money that Lynn Vincent is going to be penning most of this book. Sure, Palin will be in the room, running through ideas of what to talk about, but this book will be primarily written by Vincent.

Writing a book is difficult work. But, when you're in a position to have someone essentially be the "ghost-writer" and it's about your "real" life outside the glare of the media spotlight, you can pretty much just make it up as you go along.

Be on the look-out for chapters on how Sarah was able to prevent anyone in her family from getting The Gout with the help of a Witch Doctor and how she can make the perfect Freedom Toast ( because France is no go, doncha know ) just by praying for three minutes.

Seriously, this book will debut at #1 on teh NYT List just by conservative think-tanks and blogs ( and probably Harper Collins ) buying them up in bulk to give away.

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