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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bizarro Sykes

And if you were one of those that though Wanda Sykes's WHCD routine was offensive, check this out.

...Sykes suggested that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is supported by Hamas, and that Islamists are "constantly issuing Limbaugh talking points." She joked about terrorists supporting conservatives in general, suggesting that recent violent events in Iraq are attempts by terrorists to swing the upcoming midterm elections in favor of Republicans.

Then she got really personal. She joked that Limbaugh was a racist who doesn't want black people to "escap[e] the underclass." She accused him of being responsible for killing "a million babies a year," and aired her friend's theory that Limbaugh himself was a terrorist attack," a followup to 9/11. She also, most disgustingly, said that if conservatives kept apologizing to Limbaugh, they'd eventually contract "anal poisoning." She wondered when Republicans would finally stop "bending over and grabbing their ankles" for Limbaugh, and finally concluded that Limbaugh was just a "bad guy."

Of course, Sykes didn't say any of these things. Rush Limbaugh said these things about Obama and various others within the Democratic party.

But this isn't to excuse "bad behavior" with "bead behavior", it's simply to point out that the feigned, conservative, moral outrage is not only pointless but hypocritical.

( h/t: CFLF )

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