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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Conservative Phone-Stagging

Just watch this. It's from the show called "The B-Cast". I laughed the whole time.


Are we expected to believe that AMTRAK actually called this guy back?

You know how someone will "phone-stage" in order to get out of a situation or to make an excuse for something, perhaps make that clever get-away from your one-night-stand's house when you realize that you made a HUGE mistake. This is a classic example.

"Oh, we know you couldn't hear what the person on the other line was saying so we're just going to make this all up in order to save face for Glenn Beck."



Cronie3 said...

MacBook Pro: $1999

RadioShack Telephone Recorder: $7.99

Ross said...

oh, come on...I'm sure this is perfectly legit, AMTRAK representatives just love calling nobodies back for nonsense. yeah!

The MSM can't get a comment but this shmuck did. HA HA!

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