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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh, He Just Had Sand In His Vagina

In which Glenn Beck literally "phones-it-in" to his own show. No, seriously. Complete with faux "I'm so stuffed-up and sick I can hardly talk even though I just did The View this morning".

And "Judge" Andrew Napolitano is your fill-in? Wow. What, was Gretchen Carlson too busy trying to figure out how hop-scotch works to do your show for you?

Then there's the blatant spin of how the interview went down. Even though Beck and "The Judge" tried to play this off as just Whoopie and Babs complaining about who said "hi" to who first, he completed misrepresented the point. But, this is Glenn Beck we're talking about.

And what about that poor "cut-and-past" bit where Beck and "The Judge" attempt to make the later portion of the interview look like Glenn had a partially functioning brain-stem. What was the lead-in to Beck's blathering about who stands for what. And I certainly didn't hear any echoes of any historical Presidents, most of all Jefferson.

This "breaking news" was poingant enough that HotAir linked to it.

Predictability at its best.

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