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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sitting On The Hookers Until They Can Do Your Bidding

Over the past two days, I have noticed several Right-wing blogs that have cited a story from CNSNews about "taxpayer money" being used to "train Chinese hookers" not to drink too much.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air writes:

In a time of deep recession, the American taxpayer might assume that our government has taken care to spend its money responsibly. (All right, stop laughing, you know I’m setting a stage here.) Even when we hear about monumentally stupid outlays like the snowmaking machine in Duluth in the Porkulus wish list, we assume that the monumentally stupid spending will remain in the US. Not so, as CNS points out about a curious grant awarded to Wayne State University...

Warner Todd Huston @ RedState even frames this as Obama's idea:

Chinese hookers have a drinking problem. Obama has the answer: U.S. Tax money. So it appears that the President of “change” seems to be The One that drunken Chinese prostitutes “have been waiting for.”

And, right on cue, Fox"News" picks up the meme and runs with it:

There are several problems with this ham-fisted attempt to connect two completely divergent dots.

First, the grant was applied for well before Obama was elected and it was awarded to Wayne State University this past November. Obama didn't take the oath of office to become President until January 20th. The last time I check, George W. Bush was still in office on that day.

Secondly, the bloggers that are peddling this latest nugget of hackery don't seem to have the ability to read and/or comprehend what they are posting. It clearly states in the article that the grant was issued in November. Ed Morrissey took it a step further and tied it to the stimulus package that didn't pass until mid-February.

If you would like to check out the stimulus line-by-line, you'll notice that money for Chinese hookers isn't in there.

This is a standard means of "reporting" by the Right. Sit on a story that is silly to being with until you can fold it into the current socio-economic climate. That doesn't make it correct or even honest, but do you really expect the conservative Right to be correct and honest?

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