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Friday, May 1, 2009

Grasping At Straws And Shoelaces

Conservatives are are completely beside themselves over Michelle Obama's shoes.

While some are attempting to not look like complete doofs - but are still giant douche-tacos, it is becoming more and more apparent that these people are either running out of source material to write about, or they are quickly becoming that which they have continually claimed to loathe these 8 years prior.

As with their continued harping of Obama using a teleprompter, doesn't this discussing smack of rank hypocrisy?

Seriously, they're shoes.

Granted, they are expensive, but does this actually warrant such nonsensical ramblings from conservatives? Of course it does. We are, after all, speaking about a wandering, leaderless, class of people that would prefer to talk about how right they are about everything and not even offer facts to back these statements up or have any type of coherent plan for the future.

As for Michelle, I'm willing to bet that her shoes aren't going to end up in trash bags.

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