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Monday, March 2, 2009

CPAC's Gimmick: Jonathan Krohn

I can't count the number of times that I have read a multitude of conservative/ideological postings and comments that talk about "using children as shields". While those rants were primarily used as their own type of "use children in order to protect your ideological nonsense" tripe, I'm starting to think that Jonathan Krohn ( author of "Define Consevatism" ) is just another gimmick of the movement that he allegedly espouses love and adoration for.

Make no mistake, the boy is as sharp as Coulter's forked-tongue and able to articulate in ways that would make Hannity and O'Reilly blush. But, is he the alleged "prodigy" that the right-wing is now holding-up as a shinng example of courage, or he is just "coachable"?

As is seen in many lunatic-fringe, conservative, families, the parents favor indoctrination over free-will. Is this another case of such? Who knows. But, what happens after CPAC..........?

And, true to fashion, he gets put on Fox"News"

Having watched these clips over and over since they were originally posted, I have noticed one thing that should be pointed out - he's not saying anything that people 3 times his age haven't said.

When you realize this, that is the point when you begin to see that even though Jonathan is a very confidant speaker, his message falls as flat as those that he may call his heroes. That being said, it's no wonder that he was published at 13. What publisher of far-right ideological drivel does't dream of a teen that is willing to espouse those viewpoints that he/she won't fully understand until they are older.

Chalk this one up to another case of the conservative movement favoring gimmicks over substance.

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