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Friday, March 13, 2009

If "Going Galt" Means....

.....that it is the "wealthy-producers" that are withdrawing and keeping themselves from "producing" what the "poor" in this country wants, I have just one question for Michelle Malkin - who continually espouses the wonders of this movement.

What exactly does she produce that anyone would want?

Aside from her syndicated diatribes that tend to focus on her own self-agrandization - and that within the tilted ideological demographic that she belongs to - rather than addressing the issue at hand, she isn't much of a "wealth producer" at all.


Dutch said...

I dated this insufferable girl that for years told me that her ideal man was John Gault. That drove me to the Democratic party.

aironlater said...

LOL. It's so funny to hear people now talk about "going Gault" and they have NO idea what that really means. But, they do favor being part of "the crowd" instead of understanding what their pathetic thesis means. Glad that you aren't dating her anymore.

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