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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Soft Tyranny Of Revisionist History

I was watching the multual-masturbation interview between Sean Hannity and Mark Levin last night while I was working on some writing. I felt like I needed to take a shower after it was over.

Didn't realize that he was on Fox And Friends earlier in the day. This afforded Levin the opportunity to have Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy give his undercarriage a nice licking.

Media Matters has put this video up today.

It's amazing how well Fox"News" has stayed "on message" with their FDR talking-points.

I've never seen such a coordinated effort by an entire media conglomerate to completely besmirch one of the greatest Presidents of our time.

The underlying theme within not only this video, but all discussions of this nature had by the GOP, Fox personalities, conservative bloggers and pundits, is their struggle to find out why their tilted ideology isn't working.

"Who are we?" is the constant question that they are all asking.

It's not so much a struggle to find their own identity, but a struggle to find a way to provide supplication to themselves. Their massive loses - across the country on multiple political levels, not just in the Presidential election - has turned the entire party on it's ear.

They simply don't know how to act when they are not in the catbird seat.

And, as such, their current position has exposed them to such a degree, that their very words and actions are often-times counter-productive - just look at what Micheal Steele has done to the party.

Levin is a classic example of a political movement that has no convictions to stand on. He has to "reinvent" who he is in order to distance himself from his failed theories and all the hackery that he espoused as "truth".

Part of that is blaming the ills of the country on those that did any and everything within their power to help that same country that Levin, and those like him, has systematically destroyed.

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