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Monday, March 9, 2009

The New Military/American "Patriot"?

I was reading about the recent murder of Rev. Fred Winters of the First Baptist Church in Maryville, Illinois and started to think back to the Knoxville, TN church shooting and how that was motivated by lunatic-fringe writings from the likes of Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Bernard Goldberg:

Then, I read this piece from Dave Neiwert:

One of the more disturbing trends we've been observing is the return of far-right "Patriot" rhetoric about government oppression with the election of President Obama. Fueled in no small part by mainstream right-wing talkers proclaiming we're headed into "socialism" -- not to mention a "radical communist" who must be "stopped" or else America will "cease to exist" -- the overheated rhetoric has been gradually getting higher in volume, intensity, and frequency with each passing week.

The initial concern that this raises is the possibility of a new wave of citizen militias, particularly when you have mainstream pundits like Glenn Beck out there helping to promote the concept. As Glenn Greenwald observed, the "Patriots" are back with a vengeance.

At least for the time being, however, there isn't any evidence of new militias forming, though we may see numbers growing within the coming months within existing units, particularly as Fox News and radio pundits start fueling right-wing anxieties.

However, we are starting to see a trend that's even more disturbing: Military veterans voicing Patriot-movement beliefs, including threats of violent resistance to the Obama administration.

Here's the video referenced in his blog:

With all the "terrorist", "he's not American", "he's Muslim", ( et al ) rhetoric that has been not just tossed around about President Obama, but actively talked about in the media, it's no wonder that we are starting to see these "patriots" bubbling to the surface.

Another one, an active duty officer serving in Iraq, is continuing with the thouroughly debunkded myth that Obama is not an American citizen:

A United States soldier on active duty in Iraq called President Barack Obama an "impostor" Monday, saying he would not comply with the president's military commands until he saw irrefutable evidence Obama was born on American soil.

"As an active-duty Officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the Office of President of the United States," Lt. Scott Easterling wrote in a letter to attorney Orly Taitz.

Until the president - or "Mr." Obama, as Easterling writes - releases the original 'vault copy' to the public, Easterling said he would refuse to acknowledge Obama's military orders.

From church shootings to the increasingly violent rhetoric coming from members of our own military, it's becoming more and more evident that "patriotism" amongst that lunatic-fringe American ( not the pundits and prattle-heads they shower adoration upon ) are beginning to reflect their tendencies for domestic terrorism.

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