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Monday, March 9, 2009

Failure In 2006? The Party Of "Context" Strikes Again

Fair play to Ed Morrissey for bringing up the fact that some people that were polled by Fox"News" about Bush's policies succeeding or failing.

To this I would answer as such.

Bush was attempting to be a "nation-builder" in Iraq after he claimed that America wasn't going to take that stance.

Bush attempted to do away with many freedoms that American's enjoy under to guise of "National Security".

Bush's policies had a direct effect on the currect state of the economy and none of his open-mouthed minions seems to take that into consideration.

Bush's "No Child Left Behind" nonsense left many aspects of the educational system and many children "behind"

............should I go on?

So, my answer was "yes". I did hope that Bush failed, as his policies did little to nothing to better this country and more to harm it than any I can think of in my lifetime. I was too young to follow Reagan, so I can't answer for him.

And, as far as Morrissey attempting to use this "poll" in order to vindicate Limbaugh, let's really look at what Obama is doing.

He's concentrating on America. Her economy, her people, her issues that the GOP would rather pass on in favor of trying to subvert the Democratic party simply because they are who they are.

Context, Ed. Look it up and get back to me.

Nuff said.

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