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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Really Knows How Many Teabaggers There Were

Recently, another of the ridiculus "Tea Parties" - people that have their knickers in a twist over what they think the Obama administration is going to do to their taxes - was held in Fullerton Co. California.

The coverage that these "teabagging" gatherings are getting from right-wing/conservative sites is nothing short of glowing adoration.

The truth of the matter is, the parties amounted to what can only be described as irrelevant at best:

Let's see...The Pittsburgh party was canceled due to rain. A whopping 79 people showed up today in Jacksonville, FL. Looks like maybe over a dozen showed up in Asheville, NC. Almost 10 people made it to the Buffalo, NY, protest. About 100 people throughout all of Los Angeles came out to Santa Monica Pier. All of about 300 people made it out throughout the entirety of Atlanta. 250 made it out to Dallas for the tea party there. 150 in Lansing. Looks like about 100 went to watch the Joe the Plumber and Michelle Malkin teabag fest in D.C. (if you had to retch, it's not my fault, just your dirty, dirty mind...)

The very best numbers these jokers managed to pull was 1,500 people in St. Louis (UPDATE: St. Louis wasn't anywhere close to 1,500; it was more like 400 if that--delusional, pathetic FAIL), and somewhere between 500-1,000 in Chicago--if reports from the organizers are to be believed.

Perhaps most hilarious is the 250-person turnout in Houston which was said to be

pretty good turn-out considering the livestock show barbeque cook-off in Reliant Park was a competitor.

Because an all-or-nothing, bare-fisted fight against a Commie takeover of the United States just can't compete with the lure of livestock barbeque, not even for a few hours. That's patriotism for ya! The new Republican motto might be: "Give me liberty, or give me short ribs! Aw, hell, just gimme the ribs already."

Today, conservative blog Patterico's Pontifications ( aw, isn't that cute - alliteration ) gave an interesting crowd estimation.

Radio personalities John and Ken recently hosted a “taxpayer revolt” in Fullerton with a crowd of between 8,000 and 15,000....

That's a hell of a range - either 8K or near double that.

Seems that the conservative movement - in all it's various forms and faces - can't seem to come to grips with the fact that they have no real motivation left. The best they are able to do is create "fear" around what they are discussing.

The "Tea Party" nonsense is just another in a long line of examples of how conservative voters have this desire to be part of a"gimmick" in order to feel accepted. Even if that "gimmick" prevents them from not just seeing but accepting the fact that they are being duped by people that are meant to represent them.

Just think about how many people that participated in these events that won't see their taxes increased, that will have the option of tax deductions or credits not afforded to them these last eight years.

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