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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Righteous Indignation

Bill O'Reilly is all in a lather over a Spanish lawyer wanting to bring charges against Bush administration officials.

From Media Matters

How dare someone in Spain have their own opinions!

All this reminds me of Bill failed boycott of France.

I think the most laughable part of this whole prattling nonsense that is Bill equates insulting America with being against George Bush.

It's ill-informed voices like Bill O'Reilly's that have caused other countries to have such a poor opinion of America. I'm sure that Spain will be simply crestfallen, now O'Reilly has threatened to never travel there.

Kind of invalidates his "just one of the folks" label he likes to afix to himself. How many people do you know that have travelled to Spain or can even afford to?

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