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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

God's Definition Of Love

The Westboro Baptist Church is a fascinating lot.

They encompass the most fringe stereotypes that the Right has of the Left, and vice-versa, and blends them together in seemless, choreographed, movements complete with picket-sign slogans.

You'll likely find them at many funerals for soldiers. But recently, they were at the White House shouting about Jack van Impe's favorite subject - The Anti-Christ and the end of the world.

Various videos can be found at Campus Progress, but this one stood out:

It's a classic example of many of the hypocritical theorums within the radical, fundamentalist-religious, movement. The cheif of which is indoctrication.

And this, from my perspective, seems to be what seperates progressives from the Right-Wing within society. It is an example that is manifested at its most lunatic-fringe height.

Buy strict definition, progress means to learn from your mistakes and grow. The Right, and their conservative ideoloy, tend not to learn from mistakes, but would rather ignore those missteps and cast aspersion on those that they disagree with.

What are the people within the WBC attempting to do - aside from offend people from both sides of the aisle?

The two young ladies in the video are examples of ignorance run amok. And they are more than willing to display that same ignorance as if it were divine scripture.

How do people get to such a point?

The one thing that gets me is when I hear people say this - what if they are right?

1 comment:

Nicki said...

The Westboro Baptist Church is an embarrassment to 99.9% of us here in Kansas. I have trouble because I believe that their speech is protected, but it's so hard to listen to such ignorance.

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