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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Using Others Ethnicity To Excuse Racist Speech

Anyone know what the word Schartzer means?

According to the "Urban Dictionary", it's a German word for "black", only spelled with an "n".

Apparently, comedian Jackie Mason - a Fox"News" favorite - used this blatantly derogatory term in reference to Obama when confronted by TMZ.

John Amato @ Crooks And Liars discusses this:

TMZ had caught up with Mason on the street and he started cursing them out as he told them that he's said worse things about other minorities. I think TMZ was out of line on this one (hounding an old man) and I bet most of you didn't even know about it until I posted on this. (That's a guess) I think comedians should basically say whatever the heck they want, if you don't like their humor, it will play out in the pocketbook. If Mason called Italians "WOPs" in a show that I attended it wouldn't bother me.

I agree, a comedian has creative liscense to speak how they wish. Free speech, you know.

Here's where the story takes an interesting, albeit predictable, turn.

Conservative pundit Angela McGlowan appears on The O'Reilly Factor to defend Mason.

Why is this important?

Angela is African American.

You see, this is a tactic that is often used by the likes of O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. They love to shout about racial divisiveness, so long as it is the "white man" that is the victim. When the conservative hosts are ready to respond, they will use an African American to justify their position.

This has been done countless times with Jesse Lee Peterson when he appears on Sean Hannity's program to defend Sean against being called "racist" - though he is eager to call most African Americans such.

Eric Rush is another example.

Just like Rush and Peterson, Angela McGlowan is being used. She may or may not realize it. She may or may not care. But what is troubling about this, is that it is a common practice at Fox"News" and appears to be acceptable by their demographic.

As Amato rightly pointed out in his piece:

Conservative apologists will lie about almost anything to make their own talking points try to make sense

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