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Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Paranoia Is Bigger Than Yours

One is almost getting the sense that Bill O'Reilly knows that his ratings are in danger, now that Glenn Beck is at Fox"News".

Probably won't be long before Beck heads to prime-time. And why wouldn't Ailes and Moody put him there. His material is a combination of conspiracy theory, primal scream therapy - only he cries instead of shouts, and old-style carnival freak-show.

Apparently, this teleprompter prattling is getting to Beck.

So now that O'Reilly has been taken to task regarding his comments about rape victims and then advocating the stalking of a blogger across state lines, he's ready to show his audience ( and perhaps his employers ) that his brand of crazy is Teh Awesum!!!

Did you catch all that?

There is one thing I can say about O'Reilly, he's really good about creating an elaborate, and nonexistant, grouping of individuals that he insists are hell-bent on destroying America. And all this to keep people from realizing that he says things that he later regrets. Just don't expect him to express that regret.

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