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Friday, March 6, 2009

Back In The Day: with Rush Limbaugh

Big h/t to Loan Murphy @ C&L for finding this one.

For those of you that don't know, Limbaugh used to have a live television show in the early 90s. Not the format that someone of his lunatic-fringe mentality needs to have. Lots of things can happen that he won't be able to control. And walking out to the audience to talk to a woman that he apparently thinks he can control is surely to make him freeze-up.

This clip is gold:

You see how crestfallen Rush looks when that woman unleashes on him?

That can't happen on his radio show - as he has call-screeners.

Needless to say, the TV show didn't last too long.

It's clips like this that the lunatic-fringe Right holds up as examples of people trying to silence the conservative mentality in America. That is, however, a completely ignorant and laughable way of thinking. After all, doens't Limbaugh still have a show? Doesn't he still have a following? Doesn't his blind, ideological, drivel still make it out to millions of people each week?

You get my point.

As Rush delivers his closing monologue - after the theatre has been emptied - he delivers this line:

I would much rather communicate with somebody.....I have no problem with people who disagree

If this is true, it's interesting how that lack of an issue has disappeared since his audience and his influence has increased.

Still, there is surely that same feeling inside him - that you were able to see on his face in this video - that he must get day in and day out when his pathetic drivel isnt taken as seriously as he had hoped it would be.

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