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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Healthcare, Hannity, And Unions

There's more than just a little talk from the Fox"News" prattle-heads about healthcare. The problem there, aside from the fact that it's Fox we're talking about, is that these people know nothing about the healthcare system - other than that they HAVE healthcare.

Well, at least some of them do:

HANNITY: I'm on the Fox Plan and the AFTRA Plan. I have no clue what insurance I have. I don't have a special health care plan! I have the same plan that you do.

BECKEL: No you don't. I don't have a health insurance plan.

HANNITY: You work for FOX, you're on the FOX plan.

BECKEL: I don't qualify for the Fox plan, because I have a pre-existing condition

Hat Tip to Media Matters for the video:

You know what AFTRA is?

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) is a national labor union representing over 70,000 performers, journalists and other artists working in the entertainment and news media

That's right, Sean Hannity is a labor-union member.

AFTRA is also part of AFL-CIO, which supports The Employee Free Choice Act - which is something that makes Hannity act as if he is having sand poured into his vagina.

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