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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sarah, Are You Still Thinking What I'm Thinking You're Thinking?

A poll was released today by Public Policy Polling, that shows that Obama would easily win a second term is Sarah Palin decided to run in 2012.

Obama leads Palin 55-35 in the hypothetical contest. He has an 89-7 advantage among Democrats. Among Republican he trails 66-17. Last year exit polls showed Obama
winning only 9% of the Republican vote, so it appears Palin would lose a lot more voters
within her party than McCain did.

Of course, we all know that polls are simply snapshots of a given groups mood at a specific place and time.

Palin wasn't exactly a shining example of a candidate when she was John McCain's running-mate, and she's got a lot of ground to make up if she is even considering a 2012 run.

Then again, Public Policy Polling just may be part of the "vast, left-wing conspiracy"

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