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Monday, March 2, 2009

Blumenthal V. Ziegler

Max Blumenthal has this vry direct, very unashamed style of interviewing. He's very calm in his approach, but his questions - while delivered in a calm, rational fashion - are far more relevant and sharp than most in the media.

Here's what happens when he bumps into John "Don't Hold Sarah Palin To Any Type Of Standard" Zeigler at this years CPAC.

Max Blumenthal has more at his posting from The Daily Beast

Why the rage? Well, the roots of Ziegler’s fury lay in a series of reports I produced in 2006 about the factually challenged TV movie The Path To 9-11, in which I laid out the film’s ulterior right-wing agenda......In early 2008, I received a series of emails from someone calling themselves “Konrad Ziegler.” “I am producing a documentary on how "The Path to 9/11" got essentially killed in 2006 and I am wondering if you would be willing to do an interview with me and take a victory lap for your role in helping to create that reality,” the mysterious filmmaker, “Konrad,” wrote me in an email. Given the unusually cryptic nature of his request, I declined to respond.

When the film Blocking The Path To 9-11 appeared, my suspicions were confirmed—“Konrad” was actually John Ziegler. Variety panned Ziegler’s documentary, calling it “tedious.”

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Dash RIPROCK III said...

John Ziegler is an America Hero. He has the courage to take on the MSM when most conservative are shrugging their shoulders and saying, "hey, what can you do?"

Here are some videos that demonstrate his courage:

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