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Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank God She Doesn't Have Children

(m)Ann Coulter has a penchant for saying a lot of incredibly strange and patently false things. So, this apperance on the Larry King program is pretty much par for the course.

That's right, when I was growing up nothing set me straight like mom strapping me to a board, shoving a rag in my mouth, and pouring water over my head. And since when is the "caterpillar in the box" trick being espoused as torture. Try to stay on topic, Ann - if you're able to.

The lunatic-fringe Right's attempts to deflect attention away from water-boarding, or to simply rebrand it, is part and parcel of how Ann and her fellow compatriots react in the face of facts. Although Coulter didn't go as full-tilt as Hannity and offer to have himself subjected to torture, she is staying on message by deflecting the message.

By laughing off any and all assertions that the Bush administration condoned and encouraged the use of torture, or going a step further by claiming that water-boarding isn't all that bad and that it actually provided actionable intelligence, the lunatic-fringe Right is simply provide supplication to themselves and those that are foolish enough to believe what they are offering up.

As an exit question, I offer this - why the hell is Joy Behar guest hosting Larry King's program?

More to the point of what (m)Ann Coulter was saying, what would it be like to be a child of a far-right sychophant? I often find myself feeling deeply sorry for the children of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity. Image growing up in a household where tolerance for those around you is likely not tolerated; where you are - most likely - indoctrinated with lies and misinformation about the world around you.

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