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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When You Don't Take Your Job Seriously, At All

When asked by The Today Show's Matt Lauer whether he agreed "agree with Rush Limbaugh when he says that it’s common sense that as a conservative he wants the policies of Barack Obama to fail?" Micheal Steele replied:

Well, my personal opinion doesn’t matter in this. My job as the RNC chairman is to take into account all of the various views out there within our party and try to put together a strategy and a team that’s going to help us win elections.

That's right, the "leader" of the RNC says that his opinion doesn't matter.

So, let's take stock here:

- A party that can't seem to find a coherent plan to put forward about rebuilding the American economy. They prefer to play the part of obstructionists and speak in glittering generalities in order to create the illusion for the base that they know what's going on.

- A party "leader" that is nothing more than a rank amatuer

- A party that looks to an overpaid entertainer who is no more a leader than Steele, yet conservative Republicans seem to think he has all the right answers. Trouble is, he has no answers

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