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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rejecting The Premise, Even If It Means Americans Benefit

For years, Rush Limbaugh - and all like him - have operated under the notion that if you are "against" the President's policy, or are actively wishing that they fail, that you are "anti-American". No one wanted Iraq to be an abject failure even though Limbaugh portrayed it that way. Many expressed their outrage that the American military, and our precious resources, were being put into the position of "nation-builders" - even though Bush declared that we were "not nation-builders" - and were roundly called out as being "anti-American", that we rooted for America to lose.

Now that Barack Obama has put legislation into place - directed at the country that Bush seemed to neglect at times - Limbaugh and his slobberingly ignorant throngs seem to think that it is more than OK to criticize not just the policy, but the intent of the President. But are they "anti-American"? According to them they aren't.

So, the question was put to Limbaugh: what if Obama's plan works?

That's the question that Greg Sargent put forward:

[P]utting aside the question of what the policies are destined to do, is it true that if they succeed in their stated goal of righting the economy — however far-fetched that may be to you and others — then would that be good for the country?

So, what did Limbaugh have to offer as a response?

I reject your premise. … I will not put aside the question of what the policies are destined to do because that IS THE POINT.

So, the premise that an American President of alternative party completely lacks the ability to turn this country's economy around. What about Clinton?

That aside, Rush is so caught up in his own belching nonsense - perhaps knowing full well that the American economy was robust and prosperous after Clinton took office - that his pride has gotten in the way of rational thought.

Wait, that's kind of predicated on Limbaugh being able to have "rational" thoughts toward his own country.

So, what was it Republicans used to call "anti-American" sentiment?

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