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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hannity Breezes Past The Obvious And Fox Let's Us Know Something

Sean Hannity - and his producers, most likely - try and go the "hot chick-pundit" route as Sean seems to think he can pull one over on them both. He's wrong.

BarbinMD highlights a brunette-beatdown on Hannity's own Fox"News" program.

It seems that Sean , like man lunatic-fringe conservatives, are blatantly misusing the term "socialism" when it comes to Obama. But, most of you know that already.

When she talks about having "faith" in America, and that that same "faith" extends to the American pulic, Sean - in true reactionary fashion says:

Where has Socialism worked?

Our lovely pundit counters that the Obama administration isn't the first to spend or raise taxes. To which Hannity says "not on this level".

Kind of a flacid retort, taking into consideration what Obama is having to correct.

The money-shot is when she mentions Reagan raising taxes and Hannity counters with a pathetic:

...only slightly, as an adjustment

I'd love to see the actual numbers on Reagan's spending and taxing, just to see how Hannity's deity plays out against W and his father.

Also, there's this poll from Hannity's same home-court that seems to paint a slightly different picture of Obama that he is willing to admit.

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