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Monday, March 2, 2009

Cavuto And O'Reilly On Obama's Budget

O'Reilly love to do the "look at me, I'm rich" schtick so much that it completely overshadows his continually pathetic dronings about how he is "just one of the folks".

Here, he talks with Neil Cavuto about how they are about to lose their tax break under Obama's budget.

It's interesting that Cavuto says that he would be "funding their vision of America" in realation to healthcare.

The "American Dream" has long since been debated, reframed, postulated, debunked, altered, and tilted to fit any number of idological bents; but since when is the average person's ability to care - not only for themselves - but for their family a bad thing for the "fair and balanced" network?

I supposed that Cavuto was thinking about women that prefer to not get married and have a child via sperm donor. Maybe O'Reilly and Neil were speaking of a gay couple that have built a small-business ( and not what the lunatic-fringe is calling "small-business" ) and want to have healthcare for the shop that they run on their own 7 days a week. Perhaps one or both of them were refering to the college student that opts to venture forward with a degree in film production ( or any other degree who's job placement isn't as guaranteed as a teaching degree is ) in order to chase the dream that he/she has had since a child.

Lots of variables. But, one thing is still true. Cavuto and O'Reilly are so seperated from the "real world" that they have no idea what is going on.

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