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Friday, December 5, 2008

This Could Get Uncomfortable

It's been standard procedure that when a new administration comes in, US Attorneys will submit resignations to make way for new selections. The practice is so common, in point of fact, that no fuss has been made about it until the Bush Administration began politicizing their follow-up choices.

Seems that Mary Beth Buchanan, one of George W's loyal appointees ( some are claiming she is the textbook definition of a Bushie ) is refusing to leave.

"It doesn't serve justice for all the U.S. attorneys to submit their resignations all at one time," she said yesterday.

U.S. attorneys serve at the discretion of the president and may be hired and fired at will, although their appointments must be confirmed by the Senate. When a new president is elected, U.S. attorneys of both parties generally tender their resignations.

Instead, the Republican said she plans to continue her work in the Western District of Pennsylvania. More than that, she said she would consider working in the Obama administration. She would not discuss what her future might hold beyond the U.S. attorney's office.

More here from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette

This leave us with one of two things: either fire her and roll the dice that she won't scream "political schenanigans!", or keep her on and risk her own political schenanigans.

What if she is kept on? What if she is watched? Even if Buchanan were to selectively target Democrats and ignore her own party ( which is most likely why she remained at her post through the entire Bush administration ) and should the conservative media find out that her actions were monitored, it would make a very interesting news cycle. The last thing Obama needs is a trumped-up scandal as soon as he enters the White House.

I'm sensing a frightening resemblance to Milton from Office Space. Well, if he were to use a lot of "tan-in-a-bottle" that is.

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