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Friday, December 5, 2008

All You Need To Know Is What Bill Tells You

I often wonder if Bill O'Reilly actually has any guts, any sand, any balls. You know, the fortitude enough to get up off his ass and confront people about what they write.

He often speaks about "inviting people on the program". But all we have is his word. What precisely is that worth? How do we know that these people were contacted. Did some intern just call and then hang up when someone answered just to say, "Ok, I called them. Now we can send out the ambush sqaud."

Here's the latest example in which O'Reilly trots out "His Jesse"

It's probably a safer assumption than most that not many within O'Reilly's audience read The New Yorker to begin with. The more dangerous aspect of O'Reilly's "that's all you need to know" clap-trap is that many people are going to accept that as truth.

These are the people that make up O'Reilly's primary viewership - people that can't think for themselves, people that want, people that need to be told what to do and how to think.

Newt Gingrich was quite clear in saying that he believed that there was a "gay and secular facsism" in the country. O'Reilly simply rearranged the contextual reference to direct it to what he wanted his point to be at that particular moment. It's not what Newt meant or even what he said, but it's what O'Reilly wants you to think.

Also, what about the entire, unedited "interview". This happens all the time. We see Jesse Waters - or whomever Bill deems worthy - jump out of a car and run up and shove a mic in someone's face that has caused O'Reilly's hemorrhoids to flare and there are at least two edit points. What's been cut out? What are we not seeing.

Certainly, the person on the receiving end is most likely trying to process why it is that someone would waste time and money to travel whatever distance just to ask innane questions about why they are so mean to Bill O'Reilly and his friends. Of course they look confused.

You can almost hear their thoughts about Jesse.

"Why would anyone want this shit-job? You do know that when O'Reilly goes off the air in a few years and your out looking for a job, the second a perspective employer sees The O'Reilly Factor and Fox"News" on your resume they aren't going to hire you."

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