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Sunday, July 18, 2010

You Can't Get There From Here

In which Paul Ryan makes absolutely no sense - again.

This whole idea that Obama, and apparently all the Democrats in Congress according to Ryan, are dedicated progressives is beyond laughable. While I would prefer Obama and Democrats in Congress to be more progressive, this simply isn't the case, as is evidenced from how often Democrats have either abandoned what they were elected to do out of some fear that America would come apart at the seams if they continued or kowtowed to conservative Republican perspectives in order to "bring people together". How is that even remotely progressive?

But here's where I think Ryan, and all like him, are completely off the rails, even though he claims to be latched onto that "third rail" that he believes will turn around the American economy. He mentioned this preposterous notion that "liberty" and the "entrepreneurial" spirit are no longer part of America. Where the fuck is this man living? Just in the last 6 months I have seen several "small businesses" open up and they are already seeing fantastic success considering where the economy still is. So, to hear this Congressman say that people aren't eager to make entrepreneurial leaps is completely outside reality. Granted, this is from my perspective in Western Kentucky, but I think that this is a signifier that shouldn't be ignored.

Conservatives are quite eager to insist that the Obama administration can't turn the economy around, even though the numbers simply don't match up with their rhetoric. The caveat to this is that the jobless numbers aren't where they should be, but I'm of the opinion that some within the private sector aren't hiring because of unfounded fears propagated by conservatives. One might call this a conspiratorial theory, but considering what is espoused by conservatives as "fact", I would have to say that my theory isn't to far outside the realm of reality.


Anonymous said...

They better hope that Obama can turn the economy around before its their turn again. If Bush could ruin a good economy with conservative principles then image what they would do to a bad economy. We would be in a depression a few years after they take control.

aironlater said...

You're being too kind to conservatives. We would be in a depression within months of them taking control.

However, you do bring up an interesting point, as it was literally two months after Bush took office in 2001 that a recession started and conservatives were calling it the "Clinton economy" and the "Clinton recession". When the present day economic situation turns around completely under the Obama administration - and I believe that it will - how long will it take conservatives to claim that they did this on their own?

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