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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shifting Momentum

Andrew Breitbart is struggling to get his latest narrative out there no matter who he attacks - even if it's the people he apparently was trying to defend.

The old conservative stand-by - accuse people of being a "plant" simply because your thesis has been torn apart. The sad part of it is that I was actually expecting this to happen.

Think Progress has more details that show how desperate Andrew Breitbart is to win this no matter who gets caught in the cross-fire.

From my perspective, Breitbart is either completely naive when it comes to the use of video footage that is given to him or he is willing to lie to the American public in order to get face-time on cable news. I'm suspecting that it's a healthy dose of the later and more than a pinch of the former. Honestly, how completely clueless does a man have to be to accept edited video from a source without questioning it's authenticity?

1 comment:

cekryb said...

Unfortunately, this fulfilled its purpose and then some. It called racism into question on tape. That's all Breitbart had to do. Credibility and factual reporting doesn't matter to someone with an agenda in framing a question/narrative. Public perception is everything while honor and dignity are dead. Fox News changed the rules of the game and left everyone else playing catchup.

It's a shame that organizations like ACORN and people like Shirley have suffered the consequences. The only thing I can say is that the Obama team needs to stand up to this bullying until everything comes to light. This incident just showed how weak they are.

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