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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video Projection

Tea Baggers and their online media masters at Fox"Nation" are drooling over themselves because - gasp - the "evil liberal media" are holding the Obama administration accountable for their actions.

You notice how this video clearly destroys the conservative meme of "liberal media bias". Bet they weren't thinking about that when they cobbled this poorly conceived piece together.

The context-free clips that the Dallas Tea Bagger conflagration used for their "we aren't racist" piece is one of the hallmarks of conservative ideology - distraction is the greatest form of Republican dialogue. Those of us that have higher brain functions that allow us to see that this type of video is designed to do nothing more than trigger a reflexive response are able to see not only the director and editors intent, but how to respond to it.

It's about accountability, something that the Tea Bagging crowd never did with Bush and will never do with any Republican, as it would completely destroy their poorly constructed thesis.

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