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Monday, July 26, 2010

We Aren't Afriad Of Her

Some conservatives are actually crowing about liberals/progressives desire to see the Republicans give Palin the 2012 nomination for the presidency. Not so much because of her ability to hold down the position effectively - and they likely know that she can't - but because it would be such fun to watch unfold.

With Palin, the DNC narrative is already set and, equally importantly, her name recognition is such that they could frame the election as a choice between two mega-stars, not a referendum on The One’s first term. That’s their strategy in November too, of course: If they run on their record they’re dead on arrival, no matter what the voices in Harry Reid’s head might be telling him, so they’re forced to push a “GOP is worse!” message that deflects attention onto their opponents. Hence the constant agonizing among the Republican House leadership about whether to endorse a specific conservative agenda for the midterms, which gives the Dems something concrete to attack, or whether to sell themselves more vaguely as candidates of, er, hope and change vis-a-vis Pelosi’s Democratic majority. If Sarahcuda’s the nominee, we get a real “A vs. B” choice election, not an “A vs. Not A” referendum as typically happens with incumbent presidents. That would be tons of fun to write about under any circumstance, but with two larger-than-life candidates like her and The One, it’d be blog paradise; it’d also have the party establishment, which is eager for a straightforward “anyone but Obama” campaign, breathing into paper bags. No wonder lefty bloggers are gung ho. And hey — just think how much fresh new Trig Truther material they must have saved up by now.

I've already addressed how conservatives are throwing a digital tantrum because Rachel Maddow pointed out the accomplishments of the Obama administration, so why shouldn't there be a blinding light shown on the opposition - The Party Of No?

It's predictably telling that Morrissey would get in a dig at the obvious minority of liberals/progressives that even momentarily questioned the birth of Palin's son Trig. But that is one of the MO's of conservatives, paint your opposition as tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists. To me, that aspect of the modern conservative movement should be looked at, as they have openly embraced everything that Glenn Beck has espoused since be became the new Fox"News" poster-boy.

So what do the Democrats have to fear by Palin being the GOP nominee? Nothing, actually, as that would never happen. And from Ed Morrissey on down to the most low-level conservative flunky, there isn't one that can honestly say that Palin would make a great president without showing once ounce of uncertainty. Do they have the audacity, the balls enough, to put up someone who couldn't hack being a governor to be the leader of the proverbial free-world? And while they roundly don't give one droplet of duck shit what the rest of the world thinks of us, what type of message do you think that sends to other countries when you put someone like Sarah Palin literally inches away from the Presidency?

Palin is the trophy wife of the conservative movement, not the woman you want providing for and taking care of your children. I honestly don't think that one Republican in this country would enter the voting booth on election day 2012 and be willing to select her with a clear conscience, because they know she wouldn't be able to handle it. Does anyone remember how Palin refused to answer who she voted for in 2008? I'm guessing she even knows that her and McCain would have been abject failures. Then again, there are Republicans out there that are more than willing to send their own country down that dangerous path to complete and utter ruin just to prove a poorly conceived point. I'm sure that we all remember 2001-2008.

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