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Monday, July 26, 2010

Since The Right Won't Listen To Him.....

Conservatives are working themselves into a collective lather over this video of the President that was shown at Netroots Nation this past weekend.

As soon as I heard of it's showing, I knew that it wouldn't take the reactionary masses of the modern conservative movement to scream about how this is proof positive of liberal media bias because it featured Rachel Maddow.

Noel Sheppard of conservative website NewsBusters ended his screed with this:

Potentially the most liberal president in American history needed potentially the most liberal commentator on television to help him sell his record to a gathering of potentially the most liberal people in the country.

Despite what Maddow thinks, what does that say about this man's job performance eighteen months into his presidency?

And what does it say about MSNBC?

While I think it's more than a bit of a stretch to claim that Obama is the most liberal president ever, as he and his administration have caved to conservative demands far more than Bill Clinton did in his first term in office. There's still no Public Option in Healthcare Reform - though I am still strongly in favor of the Single Payer system. The recently passed Financial Reform act still have some gaping holes in it, namely the fact that the auto industry lobby was kowtowed to and they are getting a free pass on how they are inextricably linked to Wall Street. We are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, the cost of which maintaining our presence there make up more of the deficit that conservatives suddenly thought was created after Bush left office. Those three things alone don't paint the greatest liberal portrait of Barack Obama, so to claim him to be the King of the Liberals is a bit overreaching.

As far as Maddow's inclusion to the video, that was actually a segment from her program last month where she highlighted the accomplishments of the administration - something that conservatives most certainly don't want to be known, as it clearly tears down their narrative that he hasn't accomplished anything since taking office. And to say that she is the most liberal voice on television, it should be pointed out that she has been critical of democratic positions, and very affective at that.

Are conservatives claiming that Obama hasn't spoken to them? It seems as such, even though he has done more than just listen to the inane dribblings coming from the Right side of the metaphorical and literal aisle. The reality of this is that conservatives had 8 years to make gains for the country and didn't live up to what they were elected to do. What were their goals? Ask any conservative pundit and the answer you'll most likely get is that we were only attacked once during Bush's tenure. Or, to put it another way, that "we were kept safe". No policy accomplishments, not even a successful end to our occupation in Iraq or attaining even modest goals in Afghanistan.

Conservatives aren't as much pissed that there was a video of Obama addressing Netroots Nation as they are ashamed that they can't say that Bush was as successful as Obama has been in less than 2 years.

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