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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Slash And Burn

Because you know they don't have a real plan.

( more from Think Progress )

Conservatives like Michelle Bachman continually display not only rank hypocrisy when it comes to alleged concern of "over-reach in government", they also showcase as lack of any real vision for the country.

Where was this concern when the Bush administration was spying on innocent Americans? Where was this outrage when Medicare was overhauled during Bush's tenure? What about the lack of noise from conservatives when the Bush DOJ was blatantly politicized?

I could go on.

It's very telling that Bachman can't provide any balance to her desires to tear down all of the Obama administrations accomplishments. To put it another way, Bachman is not only telling you what conservatives wish to do, she's also letting listeners know that they don't have any alternatives.

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