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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Intentional Acts

In which we see how Limbaugh's racist attitudes are poisoning the airwaves - still.

While Limbaugh's full-throated idiocy from his July 2nd program goes even further than the clip highlights, one has to wonder exactly why conservatives accept such inflammatory rhetoric and racism.

There have been no words or actions from the Obama White House that suggest that they are against or have disdain of what conservatives call "American exceptionalism". It's simply something that sounds good, something that doesn't require any fact-checking or analysis, as it is so outside of reality that conservatives simply don't want to take the time to reflect on it. In that regard, conservatives are lazy, intellectually dishonest, automatons.

But this notion that Limbaugh is espousing that minorities ( in this cases, a black American that is President ) are out to destroy the American economy is utterly preposterous. The reality of Limbaugh's claim is that people like him can't stand to see a member of the American minority succeed. He and those that identify with him think that success comes to only a select few - the white, privileged, class.

And while Rush makes light of the fact that American has a very storied history of preventing the less fortunate and the non-white from attaining their goals, it doesn't surprise me that he would - quite literally - white-wash this aspect of American history away. This is one of the cornerstones of conservative ideology - to erase any wrong-doing that took place in America.

For a moment though, let's follow Limbaugh's ham-fisted logic through to it's conclusion. There are blacks in this country that have not only contempt, but explicit hatred of the white race. Why is that? How can they have such a powerful emotive response to someone, anyone for that matter, that isn't black? Just take a look at who some whites in this country elevate to celebrity status, who they get their socio-political marching orders from, and you'll have your answer.

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