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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunatic Fringe Television

So he's fear-mongering about liberal/progressives taking up arms after the mid-terms and is now asking why conservatives haven't already?

This idea that government is going to "monitor all your purchases" is nothing more than a fear tactic based on specious claims that don't stand up to the realities of what this reform is about.

But beyond all that, Beck's hysteria regarding the lack of pitch-forks, torches, and violent protests from conservatives should honestly give even the casual viewer of his paranoid-laden program pause, as he is continually the first one to insist that it is in fact the liberals/progressives in America that are going to take to the streets and cause such an uprising that our country will be turned on its ear virtually overnight.

And I really have to address Beck's predictable "this bill is too big" tantrum, as it is something that modern conservatives love to showcase. It's been readily established that conservatives in Congress are more than willing to espouse the "easy way out" that will ultimately do nothing but complicate situations while sounding like grounded solutions. But it should be pointed out that problems like financial and healthcare reform can't possibly be encapsulated in 10 pages for the short-attention-span crowd that are more than willing to vote Republican during each election cycle.


Lazarus Lupin said...

Conservatives often hate large bills, specially if presented to them. I find it funny considering that about 80% of congress has some experience as lawyers and so they are the first persons to know the importance of dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" when a law is being proposed else it gets tangled in courts. I find it a rather dubious tactic to basically in effect "talk down" to the masses. "Oh hey we don' need no big citified bill with big words and such! Why our ancestors did just fine with ten itty bitty commandments."

Lazarus Lupin
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Bustednuckles said...

As a liberal. if I were to take up arms for revelution, I would start with the fucking media.

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