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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ownership Of Memories

...........and Beck thinks this is about honor and character?

And you don't own him either, Glenn.

I hasten to assume what a great man like Dr. King would have to say about Beck, but when one looks at the call he made to judge a man by the content of his character, it doesn't take much to realize that Beck character is just that - a character. He misuses and molests the realities of America in order to create a false narrative that people, like King, were a detriment to society, that they somehow tore down the very fabric that made this nation great.

Granted, Beck has not specifically used Dr. King's name in conjunction with what he continually refers to as the systematic destruction of our nation, but the ideals that he despises are ones that Dr. King told us to embrace, to accept with open minds and hearts, and to fight for with our every breath.

It's no coincidence that Beck chose the date that he did in order to align himself with Dr. King; and that makes my skin crawl in disgust. Glenn Beck knows exactly what he's doing - he's doing this best to make Dr. King into another one of his gimmicks that he can use.

Exit question: considering the racial divisiveness within the modern conservative movement, how many Beck fans do you really think are going to accept this alignment with a black man that many conservatives today continue to claim is a radical; even a domestic terrorist. You think I'm making this up? I suppose you've not spent much time in the south where Beck has a rabid, almost a cult, following.

1 comment:

cekryb said...

Mr. Beck, you're wrong. As Americans, we always have a choice... always.

It is truly unfortunate that he would desecrate Dr. King's memory like this, but it's no surprise coming from a man who called a woman on air and made fun of her and her husband for their miscarriage only a few days prior.

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