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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The List Of Targets?

Hot Air is one of the most read conservative blogs out there. They showcase the usual sophistry that is the hallmark of the conservative movement and are always willing to go to bat for their founder, Michelle Malkin. But this morning, I think they have crossed a line, one that Malkin herself has been known to do all too often - and with predictable consequences.

Guest blogger Anita Moncrief takes the standard route in claiming that ACORN and the "liberal media" worked in concert to get Barack Obama elected. And while rather monotonous in it's delivery of the tired and specious information, Moncrief goes one step further and publishes the home addresses of Obama donors.

I can clearly recall how Malkin has revealed private and personal information of persons that she blogged about and how that lead to death threats. Is this likely to happen in this instance as well? Considering the track record of conservatives, I would say the answer is most certainly yes.

The question should be asked - why would Moncrief post this list unless her desire was to see that some sort of action be taken against them? After all, you don't take the low road unless you want to stir the base emotions of your audience. The most recent case of a right-wing violence due to inflammatory and misleading information from conservatives isn't being reported on enough. Anita Moncrief should really be careful in what she is doing.

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