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Monday, April 20, 2009

This Should Set Off Some Interesting Conversation

Hot on the heels of the lunatic-fringe twitching with anger that the DHS mentioned, in their memo on Right-Wing extremism, that military personel may be targets for recruitment by extremist groups comes this:

A US Marine was arrested today at Logan International Airport after federal airport screeners discovered a gun, bomb-making materials, and ammunition in his checked baggage, State Police and Transportation Security Administration officials said.

Corporal Justin Reed, 22, of Jacksonville, N.C., was booked on US Airways Flight 877 to Charlotte, N.C., said TSA spokeswoman Ann Davis. She said Reed had arrived on a flight from Las Vegas this morning.

TSA screeners in Terminal B called State Police at 7:10 a.m. after a screen discovered the following items in his checked baggage: a locked handgun box containing a semi-automatic handgun, a fully loaded gun magazine, several boxes of 9 mm and 7.62 mm ammunition, three model rocket engines containing an explosive mixture, military pull-type fuses, switches, electronics kit boxes with various components, and a hand grenade fuse assembly with detonator.

According to TSA spokesperson Davis, it is legal to carry a weapon in your checked baggage, but it must be declared.

My question is this - why weren't these discovered in Las Vegas?

Not only that, but the fact that this person had components for making a bomb adds an interesting twist to this. We'll see how the Fox"News" crowd responds.

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