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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Malkin Has A Selective Memory

Not only is she selective in her moral-outrage, she has little to no sense of the history behind presidents meeting with leaders of countries that don't particularly like our own. Part of being president is having to at least meet your enemies half-way. How else are we going to learn anything about them.

I can’t stand to look at our president’s dumb grin as he warmly greets Venezuela’s thug-in-chief

Did anyone smell sulfur during the photo op?

Now, the Evil Clown (as Allahpundit calls him) can add his friendly pic with Obama to his Chavista Fan Club photo album

I don't recall Obama providing aid to Chavez like the guy in the pic below did to Saddam.

1 comment:

darkblack said...

Malkin has morals? Gosh.


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