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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Something Else That Sounds Good

In a previous post, I spoke about how the Right loves to say things that "sound good" in place of actually vocalizng the truth to their audience.

Last night, Charles Grodon was a guest on Hannity's Fox"News" program and there was a challenge laid to Sean. Would he let Grodon water-board him?

Sean Hannity apparently accepted and offered himself as a sacrficial lamb in order to somehow give support to the families of American military personel.

Here's where Sean has planted in foot so far into this ever gapping maw that it's going to take a little more effort to pull it out than he may first expect.

You see, whereas military recruits are put through a program called SERE, in which they are trained to survive in hostage situations and given training on how to resist torture.

What Sean doesn't realize is that these are "training" situations and the recruit has the option to stop and can even quit the program. When a person is being tortured by a captor, in the real world, they can't just tap-out and say "uncle".

Hannity says that's he'll be water-boarded because it "sounds good", makes him seem like he really believes in his own words. But he's not fooling anyone. He won't go through with it because he knows that he wouldn't be able to take it. Just don't expect him to admit it.

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