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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The FDR Angle

Just so that it is out there, I voted for Obama. I knew - yes KNEW - that McCain had no clue what was going on with the country and would destroy more than he could or would create. And I voted for the man that was prepared to step outside the pototypical nonsense that was, and still is, propogated from the Right.

That being said, I would like to say this.

The Right is continually lambasting Roosevelt for the "New Deal", that he somehow had a hand in bringing ruin to the country with his policies. They have gone so far now that the new darling of Fox"News" ( Glenn Beck ) claims that FDR brought "socialism" into the country and that that has worsened our families lives.

Let's take look at this alleged "socialism" that the throngs of ill informed "patriots" claim to see.

Publicly funded parks for them to gather and rant and rave about something that really isn't there - funded by their tax dollars.

Medicare for their grandparents - funded by their tax dollars.

The sidewalks where they were shuffling about, the schools they send their children to, the services they take for granted day in and day out - all paid with mine and your tax dollars.

Should I go on?

But there is more to this nonsense that FDR is somehow now a poison-pill in our presidential history than most will understand.

There was a MASSIVE war going on that we, as citizens, had to take part in. We built, we toiled, we participated. This was done in order to bolster our economy. But there is more that we don't realize when taking part in these discussions with the far Right.

Here's two things that didn't exist back then that have hurt us now:



Not only those, but there are people attempting to prove that there is an equal relation between what FDR did in his day and what Obama is attempting to do. But, they are leaving out the fact that we are speaking about two divergent, economic times. They are telling you that the 1930s and 2009 are one and the same. These people have no sense of history on multiple levels.

So, the next time someone attempts to draw equivalency between what FDR did to bolster the economy back then and what the Obama administration is doing now, let them know that these two timeframes are fundamentally different in more ways than we might realize.

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