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Friday, April 10, 2009

The Plurality Of Ignorance Pt. III: Tea Parties And Presidential Conspiracy Theory

From Blogger Interrupted, a video showing the connection between the tea-bagger crowd and right-wing conspiracy theory.

While it is easily understnadable that every protest will have its fringe participants, the "tea-parties" that are so en vogue now do have a common thread that seems to run through them - willful ignorance.

The one that seems to be a common undercurrent with the "tea-baggers" is there belief that Barack Obama was not born in the U.S.

While each of the protesters interviewed seemed to express their own level of suspicion, none of them seemed prepared with any information to refute the question that was put toward them.

And speaking of "questions", it is people like BloggerInterupted that are being pointed out as those that are attempting to sabatoge the "tea-bag" festivities.

For the next 9 days, the left-wing blogosphere and left-wing clueless pundits will hammer away with their unreality-based Tea Party smears.

And on the ground, the tax-subsidized and Soros-subsidized troops are going to try and wreak havoc every way they can. Many readers and fellow bloggers have seen signs that ACORN may send in ringers and saboteurs to usurp the anti-tax, anti-reckless spending, anti-bailout message.

It’s already happened once before — at the Denver anti-porkulus rally last month, when the Media Matters/Daily Kos crowd shifted media attention away from the policy message by manufacturing fake outrage about some stunt-puller who showed up with a sign comparing Obama to Hitler that I didn’t see and asked for a picture. The local newspaper, the Rocky Mountain News, took the bait.

The "cluelessness" seems to be falling squarely upon the shoulders of the protesters that Malkin is attempting to protect. Armed with half-truths and laughable conspiracy theories, these people seem to think that by simply gathering together that they are going to change something.

Make no mistake about it, protesting is part of being an activist, but you can't simply walk around with a sign for a couple of hours chanting "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" and expect that to solve all of your woes. There has to be more.

If asked what they plan on doing, these people don't seem to have an answer.

And, isn't it just a little ironic that these are the same people crying that we having "socialism" pushed upon us while gathering in public-funded land or standing on the steps of building constructed with public funds?

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