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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's Not Like He Gave Them A Car

The rate at which this conservative paranoia over a handshake - yes, a handshake - is spreading across the country is almost funny. Conservative commentators, bloggers, and even former politicians are noticably pissed that Obama shook Chavez's hand.

( more at Media Matters )

It's easy to see the hypocrisy within all of this, as Bush and many other Presidents have dared touched the hands of those whos names shall not be uttered - queue scary music.

But this example is not only different, but just so over-the-top that it begs to be pointed out.

That's right, Richard Nixon gave Brezhnev a fucking car.

( h/t to The Hegemon )

Rather than dive headlong into the Fox"News" way of responding to this new piece of information by saying "If this had been Obama......" let's all just sit back and take stock at what these people are doing. They are coming completely undone within the first 4 months of Obama's presidency. It's going to be long haul for these folks and their's sure to be more laughs to come.

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