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Friday, April 17, 2009

File This Under "I Don't Buy It"

Allahpundit and his fellow compatriots are all agush over at HotAir about Palin's "admission" that she considered abortion when she discovered she was pregnent with her son Trig.

Exceptionally sweet — which only makes the Great Trig Pregnancy Cover-up that much more nefarious. This clip will come back to haunt her when amateur obstetrician/Hardy Boy Andrew Sullivan finally blows the lid off the case.
Even CNN’s compelled to say that she “rocked the house” at last night’s pro-life fundraiser in Indiana. Conservatives4Palin has video of the entire speech; if you can’t spare the time, watch this clip and the quickie at David Brody’s site. I’m surprised that AOL is the only major media outlet (so far) to seize on her admission that she considered — fleetingly — aborting Trig when she first realized she was pregnant. Like Geraghty says, “Pro-lifers will love her all the more, because she contemplated what they see as a great evil, felt the temptation, and resisted it,” but the left will seize on the fact that, even if only for an instant, America’s favorite hockey mom was glad she had a choice. In fact, they’re seizing on it already.

That final jab at liberal bloggers is kind of clever, kind of. The sad part is, she did have a choice and Allah and everyone that reads this knows it.

That being said, I don't believe Palin, for one second, contemplated abortion. She's too politically minded to even do it.

That being said, seeing that she is such a darling within the conservative movement, she can easily say it now and people will swoon and flail about with excitement over the fact that she "decided" to keep Trig. Truth-be-told, she could say anything she wants now and her rabidly ill-informed audience will come running to her. You can easily find them by their trail of drool.

It's been said that Palin is such a magnetic personality due to her motherly instinct. I find this laughable, at best. After all, motherly instincts aren't always something to applaud. The instinct of a mother bird is to shove her young plummeting to their death in the hopes that they are able to fly. Palin would easily toss any of her sychophantic followers out of the nest, should it yeild her more political currency.

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