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Monday, April 6, 2009

Of Tragedy And Conservative Victimhood

In Ann Coulter's latest ream of self-preening blather, she forms a luke-warm thesis around the idea that Democrats, liberals, and progressives consistantly - and without fail - cast themselves in the roll of "victim".

Perhaps she needs to take a look within the minds and actions of her fellow compatriots before castings stones.

Taking full advantage of the recent tragedy in Binghamton, New York, while attempting to show a peripheral amount of compassion in asking for prayers for the family, Michelle Malkin - and ever so eager to embody her ideological brood - is portraying herself as the victim. Her proof lies within 10 comments to various websites.

And if the details which Malkin cites are to be interpreted as fact, why are we to believe her to begin with?

The maniac who shot 13 people dead in a Binghamton immigration center before killing himself was described Friday as an angry loner who loved guns, hated America and talked about assassinating the President.

Kevin Greene, who once worked with 41-year-old mass murderer Jiverly Voong, said a question about a New York Yankees T-shirt he was wearing brought out his dark side.

Greene said, “I asked him if he liked the Yanks,” and “he said, ‘No, I don’t like that team. I don’t like America. America sucks.’”

This anti-American man felt that he should take out his rage on an immigration facility. Why?

If he was so against America, even the Yankees, why would he target these people?

The way in which Malkin, and many like her, portay immigrants coming into this country - whether they jump through the multitude of hoops to gain entrance or not, despite what may be their justifiable and honorable intentions - does tend to lend an air of confusion as she offers her "prayers" for their families.

Do I know what led this man to murder these people? No. This is why I cannot comment on his actions.

Does Michelle Malkin know why he acted? No. But, this does not keep her from defending the language that she - and many like her - espouse in relation to those that wish to come here.

What does Michelle Malkin think is the "right way" to become an American citizen?

Has she even considered why immigrants come here illegally? Aside from "doing harm" to this country, I think not.

Is this a cut-and-dry case? Absolutely not. But, Malkin is more than eager to absolve her rhetoric before all the facts are presented to us.

And that is quite typical of her.

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