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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Night College Radio Classics

The Bogmen: Suddenly: From their debut album Life Begins At 40 Million

The very first night that I hosted my own radio show at Western Kentucky University back in the fall of 1995, this was one of the songs that were in regular rotation that week. It was, from that moment, one of those tracks that would seep into my memory and be another in a long list of musical cues that remind me of the years I spent there.

There was something about the track that stood out, and still does. Possibly the kitchiness of the lyrics or the proto-typical "college-band" sound. Truth-be-told, it's still a stand-out track when viewed through the lens of the current clap-trap that is doled out for public consumption.

*click the image to play*

And, will someone please explain why you put something up on YouTube and then have the embedding feature disabled?

This will be an ongoing feature every Saturday night.



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