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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You Knew This Was Coming

Not content with giving the word "success" or "victory" a definition when he was screaming "the Left" wanted us to "lose" in Iraq, William Kristol offers this little nugget of joy:

Even Mr. Kristol said that Mr. Bush has done "a horrible job of explaining what he's done and what the choices were."

But he and Mr. Rove both maintained that while the initial occupation was mismanaged, the surge of troops begun in 2007 has placed the U.S. on the cusp of victory in Iraq.

"We've won the war," Mr. Kristol said.

So, what is the definition of "win" in this instance?

We've destabalized an entire country. We've displaced hundreds of thousands of innocent people from their homes. We're paying militias not to fight one another. We've continually stoked the fires of anti-Americanism - no not the kind that Sean Hannity talks about.

Of course, this is a nice sound-bite. It looks good on a talking-points memo sheet. That doesn't make it true. The catch is this - Kristol, and all those that are sure to parrot this inane bit of conservative rhetoric, don't have to give a definition for "victory" or "defeat". They just have to scream it as loud and as often as they can.

Someone will eventually listen.

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