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Friday, December 5, 2008

This Is Very Promising

You want transparency in an Obama administration?

Here's the first - and very big - step:

Sam Stein @ Huffington Post writes:

For good-government folks, meanwhile, this is potentially a very big deal. Obama is opening up his governing process to the public, which, for politicians, is hardly convenient. He is encouraging, in a way, a public competition between organizations to see who can produce the sharpest policy takes. And inevitably, he will be challenged to defend his work based on its merits, as observers will get an even keener sense of what kind of policy choices he had at hand.

These non-government groups, think tanks, unions and associations will likely welcome the new process, as it will provide them with greater public exposure than they enjoy simply by submitting a white paper to team Obama. And reporters -- searching for some copy in this transition period -- will welcome the move, as it provides policy-related material on which they can base stories.

We are only 31 days since Obama's victory and we are already seeing how this administration is not only seperating itself from the previous, but how it is going to include all of us.

What many might not realize, is that even if you didn't vote for Obama, you're voice is welcome as well. Make no mistake, this isn't going to be a concern-troll infested segment of the internet. This is, and will be, the real "marketplace of ideas".

However, my vey nature prohibits me from ignoring the mocking which will sure rear its head - if it hasn't already.

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