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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Music And Politics : Raging The Nightwatch

When Rage Against The Machine broke up over 7 years ago, I was certain that the world had lost a powerful voice in activisim and music.

With Zak de la Rocha fading into near obscurity and the remaining members joinging forces with Chris Cornell to form Audioslave ( a much more toned-down, softer version of RATM ) it seemed that the once might would never reassemble.

I was wrong.

However, Tom Morello thinks there is more on the horizon. But, that might not include a new RATM album - though they do have plenty of material:

"There are no plans for that," Morello tells Billboard. "We've had a wonderful year and a half of playing shows, and I don't see any reason to not play more shows. The thing is there's only so many hours in the musical day, and mine are very occupied right now."

Indeed, Morello declares the Nightwatchman "my principal musical focus, as I see it, for the remainder of my life. From the earliest days of playing open mic nights at coffee houses, it was apparent to me that this music was as important to me as any music I've ever been involved in. It really encapsulates everything I want to do as an artist."

Morello's politics are evident, in everything he does. So, what does he think of the incoming Obama administraion:

On one hand I'm hopeful a new day has dawned....but on the other hand I really do believe that the system under which we live is fundamentally a one corporate party state with two right wings. We still have two unjust wars, a horrendous financial crisis, a gross disparity between rich and poor and the environment sliding into the abyss. All those things have yet to be confronted. It's important for us to address those issues and continue the struggle, which the Nightwatchman will certainly do.

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